The Working Class

S01E21. Just the music

December 27, 2021 John Menegon Season 1 Episode 21
The Working Class
S01E21. Just the music
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A collection of every original track used on every episode to date!!  My interest in creating music ebbs and flows, and to be fair, since I've started the podcast it's ebbed more than flowed.  I've still got heaps of riffs and ideas in my working files folder, so who knows maybe one day I'll make more music. 

Thanks for supporting the podcast, thanks to the vocalists contributing to these tracks and for those of you who come for the music, enjoy!

Kaitigi | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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The accountant
The journeyman
The Bricklayer feat. Col McDonald
The guy who sticks the stickers on the apples at the supermarket
The insurance adjuster feat. Troy Solari
The baker
The mechanic
The beekeeper feat. Troy Solari
The pigfarmer
Feed my eyes
The butcher
The dentist
Believe in zero feat Troy Solari
The plumber
Covid 19
The candlestick maker